What is ZDN

ZDN is for the Zaplutus Dealer Network.  This is the forum where registered resellers of Zaplutus Solutions Limited products access all of the support material for Harrier.

This will include access to the latest installation files, any patches/updates, all of the 'Birdseye' documentation outlining technical aspects of Harrier and real life case studies of Harrier in action. Approved 'Early Birds' will also gain access to pre-release versions of upcoming releases and/or new products.

Members of ZDN - (both resellers and end users)  also have access to our Harrier Forum as a means to provide feedback, build a body of knowledge that other users can benefit from and get views about how Zaplutus Solutions Limited can improve Harrier.

To become a member of ZDN simply contact Zaplutus Solutions Limited about becoming a reseller of Harrier (and future Zaplutus Solutions Limited products) by entering your details in the Contact section of Zaplutus.Live

If you are already a member of the ZDN then Click Here to Login.