8Bells - Integrated Graphical Bookings

8Bells is the natural evolution of the original online "Classic Harrier" developed by Zaplutus Solutions Limited.  

All of the feedback about usability was excellent. The next logical step was to combine the power of an accounting system with the bookings component of 8Bells to provide realtime invoicing.

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8Bells - high level

8Bells, in its simplest form, is a bookings system that allows the sharing of one calendar by multiple users.

This allows information about time based resources like rooms, deliveries or people to be presented in a graphical form and easily shared across your organisation.

Its sophistication comes with the ability for users to:

  • Capture timesheets via the Internet 
  • Amend bookings using drag and drop technology
  • Create venues, properties and contacts
  • Use the same customers, vendors and items as your accounting system

8Bells - business paradigms

8Bells has been developed to meet the following business models:

  • Consulting - one or more people consulting for one or more customers (such as a Life Coach or Personal Trainer)
  • Support - People who are providing technical support or services that require them to be on a customer site