The How To's are small sections of Harrier that have been captured to show end users how Harrier is used in real life situations.

Outside the set up procedures within Harrier, creating and scheduling jobs are the key processes that need to understood.  Click here to go to the Harrier Scheduling Check List

Click on one of the following links to see a how to.

Create a Contract Click Here
Schedule Contract Work Click Here
Search for jobs in the Work Book Click Here
Add an existing Property via the customer form Click Here
Add a New Property via the customer form Click Here
Change the work book and adding important dates Click Here
Complete a Billing Run Click Here
Complete Contract Rollovers Click Here
Add a New Bookable (TEAM) Click Here
Advanced Searching Click Here
Add New Work Types Click Here
The Day Complete Process Click Here
Using the Work Queue

Click Here


All of these how tos are approximately 2 mins in length and 2MB in size so, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, they may take some time to load.

To keep size to a minimum there is no audio.  Please contact Zaplutus Solutions Limited for more information.